About Temple Peaks

Temple Peaks demystifies the Chinese market.

Built on years of expertise in China and business, and leveraging a comprehensive network of service professionals throughout China, Temple Peaks assists businesses and organisations formulate and execute their China market entry strategy.

Why China?

Here are just a few of the main reasons why you should be thinking of China when it comes to your business.

Government Policy

An ongoing state-wide push to transform the economy from industry led to consumption led.

Increasingly Affluent Population

1.3 billion people, a huge potential market with an increasingly affluent middle class predicted to reach 75% of the urban population by 2022.

A Taste for things British

There is an ever-increasing demand for British brands, products, and the British way of life.

And Many More!

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Our Purpose

China can easily seem like an intimidating place for any business to venture into. Many companies have tried and failed. Sometimes at incredibly high financial cost. In addition, horror stories abound of rogue local business partners, IP theft and marketing faux pas. But the lure of the world’s largest consumer market to western businesses remains.

Temple Peaks assists businesses to navigate the risks and opportunities of this dynamic and rapidly growing market; and avoiding the pitfalls that so many others have fallen into. Those that persist with smart planning and the right guidance reap the rewards of this giant market.

Our Services

China focused Business Development

Market entry strategies for Mainland China and Hong Kong

Events Planning

In China oversight and management of your China commerce

In depth market research and on the ground analysis of market sentiment

Business partner head hunting and introductions

A Note to Potential Clients

Temple Peaks works with progressive organisations with strong brands and the right products to succeed in a very competitive market place. Only those clients that we believe can succeed are taken on board.