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China can seem like an intimidating place for any business to venture into.

Many companies have tried and failed.  Sometimes at incredibly high financial cost.  In addition, horror stories abound of rogue local business partners, IP theft and marketing faux pas. But the lure of the world’s largest consumer market to western businesses remains.

Temple Peaks assists businesses to navigate the risks and opportunities of this dynamic and rapidly growing market; and avoid the pitfalls that so many others have fallen into.  Only those that persist, with careful planning and expert guidance, reap the rewards of this giant market.

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China focused market entry strategies

There are many questions you need to ask and answer when planning your next expansion.

  • Product Accessibility

    Is your product accessible to Chinese customers? Can Chinese Customers easily find your product via Chinese ecommerce platforms ?

  • Payment Options

    Can Chinese customers pay using their own commonly used payment systems?

    Visa, Mastercard and AMEX although commonly used around the world are held by only a very few Chinese consumers.  Facilitating sales for Chinese payment systems such as  WeChat and AliPay is essential.

  • Brand Visibility

    Is your brand visible in market places frequented by Chinese consumers?

    China has its own ecommerce ecosystem, where its own national tech giants dominate, leaving Amazon and eBay on the fringes.  Getting onto the right platform is a crucial step toward reaching Chinese consumers directly.

  • Your Voice

    Are you communicating your brand story directly?

    Do you have a presence within Chinese social media channels?  Like ecommerce platforms, China has its own unique social media ecosystem completely separate to the likes of Facebook and Twitter commonly used around the world.  Your business will need a presence on Chinese social media channels to communicate your brand story to Chinese customers.

Temple Peaks can provide solutions to all of these issues which are regularly encountered by businesses trying to build their Chinese customer base.

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