About Us

Temple Peaks demystifies the Chinese market.

Built on years of expertise in business and finance with a focus on China, and leveraging a comprehensive network of service professionals throughout the region, Temple Peaks assists businesses and organisations formulate and execute their China market entry strategy.

Temple Peaks was founded by Mike Wills, who has split his time between Beijing and London since 2006 for both commercial and academic roles.  Fluent in Mandarin, Mike has a substantial network of contacts over the years throughout the UK and China in a variety of industries that allows him to best deliver bespoke solutions to Temple Peaks’ clients.  Connect on LinkedIn.

Our Philosophy


Relationship Driven

We invest heavily in relationships with all
key stakeholders and associated parties to
ensure full 360 support for your venture.

Long-term Focused

We assess the trends and will advise on the
sustainability of your operation with a
long-term view, to avoid over-investing in fads.

Agility is Key

The China market is renowned for being dynamic.
It is always difficult to ditch a plan that has barely got underway,
but keeping up with change is crucial to success


The best way is not necessarily the most expensive way.
Delivering the most impact efficiently is crucial to
getting your venture profitable sooner.