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Market Entry Strategy Consulting

Advice you can count on.

Not sure where to start, or whether China is the right opportunity for your business?

Temple Peaks is here to talk you through your options, the cost impact, project timelines and chances of success.

For a free primary consultation, speak to a member of our team.

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Market Research

In-depth analysis

On the ground analysis of market sentiment towards your competitors and your own brand.

Find out what Chinese consumers are saying about your brand with our China Social Watch report. Compare the prices of your products bought and sold by Daigou (shoppers who purchase goods from stores outside China and resell them via Chinese ecommerce channels) on China’s C2C market places, to gauge existing demand for your product.

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Event Planning

Make a lasting impression.

How do you get Chinese customers engaged with your product?

There are many options here, but without a doubt hosting events is one of the most effective and leaves a lasting impression in the minds of its attendees. Tying your brand to this experience is incredibly powerful.

Temple Peaks has an extensive network and insights into consumer communities to help shape the right event and ensure the right audience attends.

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Project & Operations Management

China-based management of your China business operations.

Local business partners are a necessity for many foreign firms entering the Chinese market.

  • They can cut through the bureaucracy that businesses unfamiliar with the local environment often get caught out by.
  • They can leverage their professional networks, and their knowledge of the local market to the benefit of a foreign company trying to make inroads.
Finding you the right partner in China.

But these relationships can sometimes develop into something that works against the interests of the foreign party, with some instances of Chinese Business partners taking advantage of the foreign company’s lack of understanding of the regulatory landscape.

Temple Peaks’ involvement in your arrangement ensures you have a trusted partner in China, overseeing China-based operations and guarding your business interests.

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Business partner and service provider head-hunting and introductions.

Its not tough to find a business partner or service provider in China, but finding the right one, as many business leaders will attest to, is very challenging.

Leveraging Temple Peaks’ network of trusted partners and providers will help your business find the right one giving you peace of mind that your business interests are in the right hands.

Whether you need lawyers, a social marketing partner, physical commercial premises, distributors or investors, Temple Peaks can help find the right people for your venture.

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